The first paper ring was created in September 2007. Jeremy’s literary jewels were first introduced to the public in January 2009, transforming the paper that aspires to last and bring joy, colour, and love to all those sustainably minded individuals.

The layers of narrative of a literary work of art, are extracted, transformed and re-inserted in the book. The metamorphosis occurs in the hands of Jeremy, who adds another dimension of the ‘story’, and renders the new narrative wearable.

Each book chosen has a history, it was bought, read, written on, sold on or given as a gift.

For each piece made, Jeremy selects from the book a distinct quote that directly inspires him to create and envisage the form, colour and appearance of the ‘wearable narrative’.

Every jewel is impossible to replicate. Its beauty extends within the piece: text and images pass all the way through, only exposed at the surfaces, revealing a tantalizing glimpse of the writer’s story and the artist’s vision.

The result is an exquisite jewel that combine simplicity, traditional craft and sensitivity. Jeremy’s creativity and innovation transforms each piece into a true coalescence of thought, word, and deed! As such each jewel is not just a recycled resource, but it is offering another level of emotional sophistication.

The jewels have been exhibited in London, Paris, Osaka, Athens, Hamburg, Saint Petersburg and New York.

Currently Jeremy is working on private commissions and on creating collections of jewels under a thematology to be presented in exhibitions around the world.

He lives and works in London, UK